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Yemenite Shofar or sometimes called Kudu shofars for sale. We have the finest and largest selection of Israel Yemenite shofars in your choice of finish

Your style - Your choice of the finest Yemenite Shofars in the world. That's right, our Yemenite Kudu shofars are the best in the world made from kudu antelope horns. All shofars are made in Israel and certified kosher. Because shofars are a natural product, no two shofars are exactly alike. Expect variations in the coloring and exact size and shape of the shofar you receive. The price varies with size. Every size is the highest quality shofar horn in it's class. Each Shofar is checked, stamped and certified before shipping. < p>

Yemenite Shofars Ram Horns Stlyes and Sizes

Choose your preference of styles. (Optional)

  • a) All Natural Yemenite Shofar
  • b) 1/2 Polished - 1/2 Natural Yemenite Shofar,
  • c) All Polished Yemenite Shofar.

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