Would you like to memorialize a loved one ? Dedicate a long awaited donation to your local Synagogue. There is no better time than now, as we showcase some of the most beautiful additions money cannot buy in relation to the beauty and everlasting importance these holy objects represent.We often update our homes with new furnishings and upgrades, but how often do we review our Synagogue Furnishings or Jewish Organization's interior to upgrade it to the level it deserves and preserve it's sanctity ? Here we specialize in Synagogue and Jewish Organizational Furnishings such as Memorial Plaques, Dedication Plaques, Ark Curtains, Bimah Covers, Eliyahu Chairs Torah Covers and so much more. We can custom make almost anything from your conception to delivery with personal customer care. Browse some of the latest additions belo
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Kiddush Levana Booklets

Kiddush Levana Booklets with explanations by "kavanat Halev". Fold Open to 2 pagesColorful page..


Aliyah Torah Cards

Aliyah Torah Cards with Blessings transliterated with Hebrew and English and Fillable with person's ..


Letters - Double Layer Acrylic Glass Wall Mount Finish

Double layered laser cut acrylic glass also known as plexiglas, acrylite, lucite and perspex is a to..


Letter Stand

Letter Stand in Hebrew reads "Letters", "Notices" and other. Size 18 x 58 cm...


Letters - Laser Cut Aluminum Sign

Aluminum laser cut lettering in Hebrew or English are 20mm thick featured as solid lettering signage..


Torah Yad Pointer Metal and Blue

This beautiful torah pointer is perfect for any bar mitzvah or synagogue. 25cm..


Torah Scroll in Velvet Case

Torah Scroll including Yad Torah Pointer and Protective Plastic. Cover design may vary. Actual Text..


Torah Cover Velvet Blessing for Aliyah

Torah Cover for Blessing at the Torah. It is a halacha to cover the text before reciting the beracha..


Krias Ha'Torah Markers Set of 7 Hung on Torah

Set of 7 Torah Hanging Labels for the torahs in your ark. 7 Krias Hatorah Markers. These Torah Marke..


Leather Book Holder Shtender

Get this awesomely new deluxe leather and dark wood Book Holder Shtender with adjustable angles in a..


The Gelilan - Exclusive for Rolling a Torah Scroll

The Gelilan - an Exclusive Patent for rolling a Torah Scroll Advantages of The Gelilan:  P..


Casted Bronze Plaques

Custom Bronze Plaques for Dedications in relief bronze metal. These bronze plaques are seen as a tru..


Torah Ark Furniture & Multi Use Cabinet - Mahogany -55%

Torah Ark Furniture & Multi Use Cabinet - Mahogany

Torah Ark Furniture & Multi Use Cabinet - Mahogany Wood FinishHandmade two piece set.  Top ..

$2,200.00 $995.00

Wooden Tablets With Golden Letters

Wooden Tablets with golden letters. Additional customization on this product is available upon reque..


Kippah Holder - Tree of Life

Kippah Holder - Tree of Life. This uniquely designed kippah holder is built from solid African Walnu..


Eternal Memorial Light *SPECIAL*

Eternal Lamp Ner Tamid with cut out aluminum letters featuring low 12 Volt LED lighting. Size 20cm D..


Eternal Memorial Light - Blue Glimmer Light

Brand New Eternal Lamp Ner Tamid with cut out aluminum letters with low 12 Volt LED lighting. Size 2..


Eternal Memorial Light - Blue Glimmer Light

Eternal Memorial Light - Blue Glimmer Light. Eternal Lamp Ner Tamid with cut out aluminum letters fe..


Multi Section Charity Box

Multi Section Wall Charity Box is a wall mount donation box for multi-charity use. Install this heav..