Memorial Plaques

Memorial Plaques
Memorial Boards for Temples & Synagogues made in Israel and shipped direct at factory prices. We specialize in Memorial boards with prices less than 1/3 you would pay locally, because we manufacture your board and ship direct from our factory. Email us for a custom sized Memorial board to fit your wall. 

Synagogue Memorial boards to remember those that have deceased with eternal lights and boards on the wall of your building or temple. The community remembers those deceased and recite Kaddish - the mourner's prayer for the deceased in the Synagogue. Memorial plaques are placed on the walls of the Synagogue each with full names and dates of the deceased - each lit up on the anniversary of death and holidays. We take pride in offering you the only memorial boards of their kind for Syna

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Yahrzeit Plates - Bronze Memorial Plaques

Yahrzeit Plates - Bronze Memorial Plaques. Classic Bronze Cast Memorial Light Plaques available in d..


Custom Engraved Award Recognition Plaque

Custom Engraved Award Recognition Plaque in Burgundy Plaque. An award of achievement, an appreciatio..


Gold Scroll Framed Plaques

Gold Scroll Framed Plaques. This hand drawn gold scroll is art in its glory, framed to perfection. A..


Casted Bronze Plaques

Custom Bronze Plaques for Dedications in relief bronze metal. These bronze plaques are seen as a tru..


Custom Engraved Award Recognition Plaque

Custom Engraved Framed Award Recognition Plaque in elegant black. An award of achievement, an apprec..


Memorial Plaque with Bright Candles

Memorial Board made of Black aluminum background. 12 gold plates are arranged beautifully. Decorati..


Memory Table

Background is made of Formica Gilt wood. Plates are arranged each with a candle light. Additional cu..


Synagogue Memorial Plaque

Light Bulb of 28 Memorial Plaques engraved in Golden Aluminum frame. This is used in Synagogue. Each..


Memorial Board - 32 Plaques

This Memorial Plaque is mounted on solid wood with frame. The brass colored backing is made of Metal..


Memorial Board

Background is made of dark wood Formica. Gold plates are well decorated with a Oak Cornice frame. Ad..


Golden Quartet Plate in Philanthropy Board

This Beautiful Plaque was Cordially Dedicated for deceased loved ones. It has Aluminum background. G..


Remembrance Memorial Tribute Plaque

Memorial board for deceased loved ones. Table memory 62 plates. Ordinary plate quartet. Background g..


Memorial Board with Golden Frame for Deceased

Well Decorated Memorial Board for deceased loved ones with Golden background. Black Plates with ligh..


Memorial Board

Memorial Board made of gilded wooden base. Vase with candles placed at the top of the board. Additio..


Synagogue Memorial Plaque

Beautiful memorial plaque for deceased. Table memory 60 plates. Title with a big monument. 2 lights ..


Arch Plaque

Arch shape memory board. Golden plates in black background looks contrast. The Memorial Board is enc..


Memorial Board in Arc Shape

Memorial board in arc shape dedicated to loved ones. Black plates in gold background with light cand..


Mounted Memorial Board

This memorial board has aluminum background . Decorated with gold plate frame. 2 gold lovely candle..


Memorial Plaque- Tablet Ark

Memorial Plaque- Tablet Ark. This thoughtfully crafted plaque is shaped like one of the holy tablets..