Prayer Boards

Prayer Boards
Announcement Boards, Temple Boards, Religious Boards,Prayer Boards, Prayer Plaques & Synagogue Boards.The Synagogue, the Jewish Synagogue has long been the place of Hebrew Prayer & Jewish Worship for all Jews be it the Shul, the Synagogue or the Temple. For centuries Jews have always respected and adorned the Synagogue with Prayer Board , Religious Boards, Prayer Plaques to enhance prayers & decor. Such as Announcement Boards for the weekly Parsha, the special prayer inserts for Rosh Chodesh, Holidays and Fast days, the Omer Counter, The Kaddish, Modim, the 10 commandments and other Famous Prayers Such as Tehillim Lamnatzeach. Our announcement boards are a crucial requirement for your Synagogue and we'll custom make them just right for your needs. Price, Serv
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Olive Wood Sefirat Ha'Omer Counter

Olive Wood Sefirat Ha'Omer Counter Large 8.5"x8". A great way to count the Omer between Passover and..


Torah Ark Prayer Board

Brich Sheme Blessing on Glass. This blessing in Aramaic is said by all Synagogues worldwide upon ope..


Digital Jewish Calendar Times for All Ocassions

Elegant new sleek Jewish digital plaque. All the information beautifully displayed. Automatically up..


Bulletin Board - Glass Panels

Glass Panel Bulletin Board made of Gold Aluminum Frame. Plexiglas door with the back bent. Additiona..


Gold Scroll Framed Plaques

Gold Scroll Framed Plaques. This hand drawn gold scroll is art in its glory, framed to perfection. A..


Wooden Tablets

Laser cutting tablets made of mahogany veneer base. Additional customization on this product is avai..


Parsha Board Inserts , 84 Plaques

Parsha Board Inserts which includes 84 plaques for every prayer insert you need. There are 84 plaque..


Title Board

Title Board with Aluminium frame and Perspex door bent. There is a lamp at the title of the board. A..


Glass Hebrew Prayer Plaques

Glass Hebrew Prayer Plaques. Designer Glass Hebrew or English Prayer Plaques custom made for your Te..


Bicat Hatorah - Mahogony Wood

Torah Blessings on base mahogany veneer + gold plaque sublimation. 29cm wide x 40 cm high..


Menorah Glass Synagogue Prayer Furnishing

Wonderful green glass prayer board. Made of Glass-shaped Perspex conductor with the thickness of 10 ..


According To The Torah A Special Board

According to the Torah a special board. Additional customization on this product is available upon r..


Mourners Kaddish Prayer Board in Glass Wall Hang

This elegant green glass Parsha Board made of Kadish Perspex glass-like gilded letters. The fantasti..


Synagogue Temple Wooden Arch Parsha Board

This parsha board in wooden arch shape is lovely décor to your Synagogue or Temple. Background affor..


Parsha & Weekly Prayer Board

Parsha & Weekly Prayer Board . Board contains 5 Slide In Perspex plaques ready to go. Lamp above. D..


Perspex Black Gold Picture Frame

Perspex Black Gold Picture Frame with a framework. knocking letters and two lamps are included. Addi..


LED Lighting Tablets

LED lighting Tablets. Additional customization on this product is available upon request. ..


Priestly Blessing Plaque

The Priestly Blessing, (Hebrew: ???? ??????; translit. Birkat Kohanim), also known in Hebrew as Nesi..


Modim Derabanan or Other Tefillah Lit Board

Modim Derabanan or Other Tefillah Lit Board with Perspex background. Decorated with Two illuminated ..