Torah Covers

Torah Covers
Torah Covers known as a Mapah or Torah mantle, dress the Torah in your Synagogue and can be made in any color embroidered velvet or hand painted silk design of choice and dedication. You'll find our Torah covers to be unique Torah covers and our service to be knowledgeable and courteous to create a spectacular Torah cover. Our specialty and commitment to you.
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Torah Scroll in Velvet Case

Torah Scroll including Yad Torah Pointer and Protective Plastic. Cover design may vary. Actual Text..


Torah Cover Velvet Blessing for Aliyah

Torah Cover for Blessing at the Torah. It is a halacha to cover the text before reciting the beracha..


Torah Cover - Between Aliyah to Torah

Hand Made in Silk this beautiful Torah cover is a designer special from Israel and is used to cover ..


Krias Ha'Torah Markers Set of 7 Hung on Torah

Set of 7 Torah Hanging Labels for the torahs in your ark. 7 Krias Hatorah Markers. These Torah Marke..


Torah Mantles Torah Covers & Mapah

Torah Mantles & Torah Covers Mapahs for your Synagogue and Temple Torah Scrolls. Our velvet Torah ma..


Torah Cover Mantle & Meil - Vilna Gate

Torah Cover Mantle & Torah Meil. Torah Cover that is before you has an embroidery of Vilna Gate. Vil..


Torah Cover Arch

This Torah Mantel Features a Floral Themed look! Features a Unique Swirly Arch with flowers in hues ..


Torah Cover Unique

Torah Cover Sharp edges give this arch a distinctive look. It’s when you want to avert from the typi..


Torah Cover Vineyard

Beautiful burgundy color trimmed with gold. The detailed combination of embroidered swirls and filig..


Torah Mantle 7 Fruit Species

7 Fruit Species embroidered in color in a special Torah Mantle design. All colors available...


7 Species Tora Cover

Beautifully embroidered with the 7 Species of the Land of Israel Torah Mapah Torah Cover. Color samp..


Torah Cover 12 Tribes

Designed with the “Twelve Shevatim” (Tribes of Israel), in such a striking fashion. Each Picture is ..


The Prophets Mantle

Lovely Prophet Torah Mantles. All 12 Minor Prophets embroidered on this Torah Mantle...


Torah Cover Harp Applique

Torah Cover with Harp design application..


Torah Cover Mantle

Blessed Jerusalem : Chapter in Psalms beautifully embroidered on this mantle...