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Tehillim I105 Tehillim (Psalms)

Tehillim I105

Tehillim I105Select your Personalization Imprint HERE Size: 12.5x17.5 cm.No. of pages: 410Nusah: Ashkenaz, Sfard, Edot HamizrahColor: brown leather, cream simulated leather, white simulated leatherDescription: recycled-leather or simulated-leather bound Tehillim, including Birkat...
Zmirot Shabat L130 Zmirot Shabbat

Zmirot Shabat L130

Zmirot Shabat L130Select your Personalization Imprint HERE Booklet containing a piyutim and a songs for Shabbat.The booklet was edited by Na'im Zmirot Israel, Rabbi Moshe Chabusha and adapted to Shabat Hatan.The...
Zmirot Shabat Rinat Yaacov L37 Zmirot Shabbat

Zmirot Shabat Rinat Yaacov L37

Zmirot Shabat Rinat Yaacov L37Select your Personalization Imprint HERE Sefer Zmirot Shabat with piyutim and motifs in Moroccan and North African style.The book contains a various Piyutim for shabat hatan, Bar...
Zmirot Shabbat Rinat Yaakov I37 Zmirot Shabbat

Zmirot Shabbat Rinat Yaakov I37

Zmirot Shabbat Rinat Yaakov I37Select your Personalization Imprint HERE Size: 12x16No. of pages: 290Nusah: Edot HamizrahColor: brown leather, white leatherDescription: Shabbat songs including traditional Moroccan and North African poems, including the...