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90 seconds paperback-0

90 seconds paperback

90 SECONDS PaperbackThis is a true story so full of non-stop action, physical and spiritual courage, Divine Providence, spine-tingling adventure -- and an utter dedication to Torah -- that it...
A look back (hard cover) Jewish Books

A look back (hard cover)

A LOOK BACK (Hard cover)This book presents many of Dr. Gershon Kranzler's finest essays. They are filled with stories and biographical sketches of a string of fascinating people of two...
For love of torah (hard cover) Jewish Books

For love of torah (hard cover)

FOR LOVE OF TORAH (Hard cover)Stories and insights on the study and the students of Israel's greatest treasure.Binding: HardcoverPages: 201Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Shimon FinkelmanFOR LOVE OF TORAH (Hard...
House calls to eternity / dr. wehl (h/c) Jewish Books

House calls to eternity / dr. wehl (h/c)

HOUSE CALLS TO ETERNITY / DR. WEHL (H/C)The story of Dr. Selma Wehl, heroine of medical practice and Torah living.Binding: HardcoverPages: 127Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Hadassah Wehl , Rabbi Yaakov...
Illuminating the generations/fire within 2 (p Jewish Books

Illuminating the generations/fire within 2 (p

ILLUMINATING THE GENERATIONS/Fire Within 2 (PFrom the middos of the Partiarchs and Matriarchs to the mussar thinkers of our time.Binding: PaperbackPages: 223Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Hillel GoldbergILLUMINATING THE GENERATIONS/Fire...
Incredible 2 paperback Jewish Books

Incredible 2 paperback

INCREDIBLE 2 PAPERBACKIf you’re one of the tens of thousands who thrilled to Rabbi Yossi Wallis’s adventures, as told in the major bestseller Incredible!, you know just how amazing (incredible!)...
Pillar of truth  - dvd-0

Pillar of truth - dvd

PILLAR OF TRUTH - DVDRav Yaakov Weinberg ztl was unique in his generation, both in Torah genius as well as in understanding of human nature. He personified Emes, truth, and...
Reb chaim gelb: a life of chessed (h/c) Jewish Books

Reb chaim gelb: a life of chessed (h/c)

REB CHAIM GELB: A LIFE OF CHESSED (H/C)The story of Reb Chaim Gelb, the Willamsburg baker who became a legend.Binding: HardcoverPages: 168Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi David FisherREB CHAIM GELB:...
Reb elyah (paperback) Jewish Books

Reb elyah (paperback)

REB ELYAH (Paperback)For three generations, Reb Elyah Lopian was a synonym for piety, wisdom, courage, mussar, and harbatzas haTorah a man who was an inspiring teacher and role model for...
Rebbetzin kanievsky paperback-0

Rebbetzin kanievsky paperback

REBBETZIN KANIEVSKY PaperbackRebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky ah, daughter of an extraordinary and illustrious Torah family, was one of the most remarkable, selfless, and beloved women of our time. Thousands of people...
Silence is thy praise [reb. karelitz] (p/b) Jewish Books

Silence is thy praise [reb. karelitz] (p/b)

SILENCE IS THY PRAISE [Reb. Karelitz] (P/B)Rabbanit Batya Karelitz, the sister of the Chazon Ish.Binding: PaperbackPages: 181Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Esther AusternSILENCE IS THY PRAISE [Reb. Karelitz] (P/B)
The story of rav belsky Jewish Books

The story of rav belsky

The Story of Rav BelskyA Biography of Rav Yisroel Belsky For Youthful Readers - Written by His Granddaughter!Binding: HardcoverPages: 208Dimensions: 7.00 X 9.00Authors: Etti GoldsteinThe Story of Rav Belsky