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Holiday Bencher Pesah To Shavuot Black

Holiday Bencher Pesah To Shavuot

Contents are:Birchas Haelanos, Sfiras Haomer, Shirei Bar Yochai, Tefila Al Kever HaRashbi, Tefila Al Kever Shimon Hatzadik, Minhag ha"Upsheren", Hachnasas Hayeled L'beis Halimud, Tefila L'eim L'man B'nah, Tefilas Hashlah, Tefilas...
Megilas Ruth Bencher None Thanks

Megilas Ruth Bencher

Lovely Megillat Ruth Bencher for Shavuoth. A beautifully designed Megillas Ruth Cover Bencher with 7 Brachot for weddings as well. In the spirit of Shavuoth, this bencher is ideal for...
Sefer Mikraei Kodesh Black

Sefer Mikraei Kodesh

136 pgs. Includes Grace after meals, Sheva Brachos, Me'in Shalosh, Lighting Candles, All of Shabbat, Havdalah, Zemiros and the special prayers for all the holidays like Yom Kippur, Succos, Peah,...
Shavuoth Shavuos Booklet Black

Shavuoth Shavuos Booklet

This beautifully designed booklet contains a complete compilation of the Tefillot recited on or near Shavuot. It contains: Tefillat HaShla, Kiddush L'Chag HaShavuot, Megillat Ruth, Seder Akdomut, Birchat Hamazon, Sheva...