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Joshua (hard cover) Jewish Books

Joshua (hard cover)

JOSHUA (Hard cover)The Book of Joshua is the continuation of the Exodus from Egypt, bridging the period from the death of Moses to the period of the Judges, and details...
Nechemiah  (hard cover)

Nechemiah (hard cover)

NECHEMIAH (Hard cover)The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage...
Trei asar ii / twelve prophets ii (hard cover Jewish Books

Trei asar ii / twelve prophets ii (hard cover

TREI ASAR II / TWELVE PROPHETS II (Hard coverThis volume comprises the last seven books of Trei Asar, the Twelve Prophets, beginning with the prophecies of Micah and concluding with...
Yonah/jonah (hard cover) Jewish Books

Yonah/jonah (hard cover)

YONAH/JONAH (Hard cover)The brief, yet profound Book of Jonah is one of the best known of the Biblical prophets. It is a classic study in the process of teshuvah" (repentance)....
Yonah: vilna gaon commentary (hard cover) Jewish Books

Yonah: vilna gaon commentary (hard cover)

YONAH: Vilna Gaon Commentary (Hard Cover)In Aderes Eliyahu, the Vilna Gaon presents a deeper dimension to the Book of Yonah/Jonah. He explains it as an allegory of the story of...