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5 great lives (hard cover) Jewish Books 5 GREAT LIVES (Hard cover)

5 great lives (hard cover)

5 GREAT LIVES (Hard cover)Rabbi Shimon Finkelman knows how to present the many facets of their lives as geonim, teachers, humane guides, and devout servants of Hashem. His full-length anecdotal...
A mazeldig voch (h/c) Jewish Books A MAZELDIG VOCH (H/C)

A mazeldig voch (h/c)

A MAZELDIG VOCH (H/C)One of the most enchanting books of its genre, Avrohom BarashÆs Gut Voch delighted thousands of readers upon its publication in 1998. It contained tales that were...
A tap on the shoulder Jewish Books A TAP ON THE SHOULDER

A tap on the shoulder

A TAP ON THE SHOULDERThe story of the shy, quiet man who brought thousands of people back to Torah.Binding: HardcoverPages: 368Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Yonoson RosenblumA TAP ON THE SHOULDER
A tiny taste of heaven Jewish Books A Tiny Taste of Heaven

A tiny taste of heaven

A Tiny Taste of HeavenNachman Seltzer tells us amazing stories of how the mitzvah of hafrashas challah changed countless lives.Binding: HardcoverPages: 286Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Nachman SeltzerA Tiny Taste...
A touch of purity (h/c) Jewish Books A TOUCH OF PURITY (H/C)

A touch of purity (h/c)

A TOUCH OF PURITY (H/C)If repentance is so important - why is it so hard to achieve it? With his trademark blend of stories that open our hearts and Torah...
Along the maggid's journey [p. krohn] (h/c) Jewish Books ALONG THE MAGGID'S JOURNEY [P. Krohn] (H/C)

Along the maggid's journey [p. krohn] (h/c)

ALONG THE MAGGID'S JOURNEY [P. Krohn] (H/C)This is Rabbi Krohn's fourth Maggid" book - and the master has not lost his touch. It's a book to read and savor."Binding: HardcoverPages:...
An angel from yerushalayim Jewish Books An Angel From Yerushalayim

An angel from yerushalayim

An Angel From YerushalayimReb Chaim transformed and improved the lives of countless people, and this masterly biography by bestselling author Rabbi Yechiel Spero will transform and improve our own lives...
Ask rebbetzin feige (h/c) Jewish Books ASK REBBETZIN FEIGE (H/C)

Ask rebbetzin feige (h/c)

ASK REBBETZIN FEIGE (H/C)From the thought-provoking pen of Rebbitzen Feige Twerski comes a long-awaited compilation of her finest reader-response articles. Featured on Aish.com and in Hamodia, Rebbetizen Twerski brings a...
At any hour - harav shlomo gissinger Jewish Books At Any Hour - Harav Shlomo Gissinger

At any hour - harav shlomo gissinger

At Any Hour - Harav Shlomo GissingerRav Shlomo Gissinger was a man with a passionate love for Hashem, for His Torah, and for His people, available to everyone, attentive to...
Balanced parenting [pelcovitz] (h/c) Jewish Books BALANCED PARENTING [Pelcovitz] (H/C)

Balanced parenting [pelcovitz] (h/c)

BALANCED PARENTING [Pelcovitz] (H/C)This work addresses your parenting concerns, including how to: motivate your children, instill values, teach children to cope with anger and deal with peer pressure. Responding to...
Be'er hagolah [maharal] (h/c) Jewish Books BE'ER HAGOLAH [Maharal] (H/C)

Be'er hagolah [maharal] (h/c)

BE'ER HAGOLAH [Maharal] (H/C)The rabbis read their own opinions into the Torah! The rabbis base their interpretation upon faulty grasp of Hebrew language! These contemporary objections were the same ones...
Beyond the tracks [ou/ncsy] (h/c) Jewish Books BEYOND THE TRACKS [OU/NCSY] (H/C)

Beyond the tracks [ou/ncsy] (h/c)

BEYOND THE TRACKS [OU/NCSY] (H/C)The warm, inspiring story of a family's joys, ordeals, and growth, from Hungary to Auschwitz to America. In it, a brave, resourceful, loyal woman tells how...