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A gift for yom tov (hard cover)

A GIFT FOR YOM TOV (Hard cover)Delving into the lessons that the Jewish holidays teach us and utilizing anecdotes and humor, the author enables readers to attain a new level...
A happier you [weinreich] (h/c)-0

A happier you [weinreich] (h/c)

A HAPPIER YOU [Weinreich] (H/C)The teen years are the greenhouse of personal growth, and this perceptive book shows how to make them happy and productive. It's practical. It's real. It's...
A life of bitachon Jewish Books

A life of bitachon

A Life of BitachonBitachon. It’s so simple. And so complex. And so very, very rewarding.Binding: HardcoverPages: 446Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Yitzchak DwekA Life of Bitachon
A life worth living Jewish Books

A life worth living

A Life Worth LivingThe secret of living a fuller, richer life can be revealed in three words: GIVE LIFE MEANING. And the secret of finding meaning in life can be...
An offer you can't refuse [r' frand] (h/c) Jewish Books

An offer you can't refuse [r' frand] (h/c)

AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE [R' Frand] (H/C)One of the reasons audiences flock to hear Rabbi Yissocher Frand is that he convinces you within minutes that he is an old...
Anatomy of a search (hard cover) Jewish Books

Anatomy of a search (hard cover)

ANATOMY OF A SEARCH (Hard cover)Personal drama in the teshuvah revolution.Binding: HardcoverPages: 128Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Joseph Tanenbaum , Akiva TatzANATOMY OF A SEARCH (Hard cover)
Angels don't leave footprints (hard cover) Jewish Books

Angels don't leave footprints (hard cover)

ANGELS DON'T LEAVE FOOTPRINTS (Hard cover)Rabbi Twerski shows us all how to see the inner good that is obscured by the debris of everyday life. Angels do their job and...
Anger: the inner teacher [pliskin] (h/c) Jewish Books

Anger: the inner teacher [pliskin] (h/c)

ANGER: THE INNER TEACHER [Pliskin] (H/C)You can relate to your spouse, to your children and to the person in the car in front of you, without getting angry. How? Here...
Aryeh kaplan anthology i (hard cover) Jewish Books

Aryeh kaplan anthology i (hard cover)

ARYEH KAPLAN ANTHOLOGY I (Hard cover)Aryeh Kaplan asks hard questions - the questions that the secular world bombards us with - and he gives compelling answers. He makes us understand...
Aryeh kaplan anthology ii (hard cover) Jewish Books

Aryeh kaplan anthology ii (hard cover)

ARYEH KAPLAN ANTHOLOGY II (Hard cover)In this volume published by the OU and NCSY, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan asks hard questions about Judaism and its commandments, and he gives compelling answers...
Aryeh kaplan reader (hard cover) Jewish Books

Aryeh kaplan reader (hard cover)

ARYEH KAPLAN READER (Hard cover)Essays on a variety of topics, from biography to Kabbalah, contemporary movements to cosmic speculation.Binding: HardcoverPages: 224Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Aryeh KaplanARYEH KAPLAN READER (Hard...
Ascending jacob's ladder (h/c) [r' hillel] Jewish Books

Ascending jacob's ladder (h/c) [r' hillel]

ASCENDING JACOB'S LADDER (H/C) [R' HILLEL]From the venerated Jerusalem Torah scholar and Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Hillel comes an extraordinary new book. Drawing from Torah, Midrash, Mussar, and Kabbalah sources, he...