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A promising past [shaar press] (h/c) Jewish Books

A promising past [shaar press] (h/c)

A Promising Past [Shaar Press] (H/C)5 developmentally delayed men looking for a little Torah. 2 angry teenagers looking for understanding. 1 aging rabbi looking for a congregation. 1 successful businessman...
Blackout [shaar press] (h/c) Jewish Books

Blackout [shaar press] (h/c)

BLACKOUT [Shaar Press] (H/C)An investigative journalist with a knack for dangerous entanglements and a strange propensity to black out; a top-secret plot to discredit Israel's chareidi community; a mysterious and...
Borrowed time (h/c) [yair weinstock]

Borrowed time (h/c) [yair weinstock]

BORROWED TIME (H/C) [YAIR WEINSTOCK]Gabi Ben-Dor, a seasoned private eye, is in hot pursuit of a rogue doctor whose negligence has cost lives. But his investigation is sidetracked by an...
Conquer the darkness (hard cover) Jewish Books

Conquer the darkness (hard cover)

CONQUER THE DARKNESS (Hard cover)A phone call brings Renee Greenberg back to a chapter of her life that had brought pain and fear, but ended in love and laughter.Binding: HardcoverPages:...
Cracks in the wall (hard cover) Jewish Books

Cracks in the wall (hard cover)

CRACKS IN THE WALL (Hard cover)An ancient wall, a dying Jew, a new immigrant and the Holy City combine in this warm and gripping novel of self-discovery.Binding: HardcoverPages: 155Dimensions: 6.00...
Deception Jewish Books


DECEPTIONBut is the truth worth risking her life for? Deception is both an absorbing human drama and a canโ€™t-put-it-down mystery thriller by Libby Lazewnik, one of Jewish publishingโ€™s most gifted...
Dual allegiance (h/c) Jewish Books

Dual allegiance (h/c)

DUAL ALLEGIANCE (H/C)Binding: HardcoverPages: 408Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Yair WeinstockDUAL ALLEGIANCE (H/C)
Dual secrets (h/c)-0

Dual secrets (h/c)

Dual Secrets (H/C)Caution: This book contains secrets. Secrets that may be dangerous to friendship. To shidduchim. And to lovely facades built with so much care. A.J. and Devora have the...
Eye of the storm [shaar press] (h/c) Jewish Books

Eye of the storm [shaar press] (h/c)

EYE OF THE STORM [Shaar Press] (H/C)A hurricane of action in this exciting suspense thriller!Binding: HardcoverPages: 391Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Libby Lazewnik , Yair WeinstockEYE OF THE STORM [Shaar Press]...
Fatal judgment (h/c) Jewish Books

Fatal judgment (h/c)

FATAL JUDGMENT (H/C)A diabolical plan for terror, years in the making. A reluctant attorney in a battle between evil and good. Shea Berman's life is about to implode. It happened...


FINGERPRINTA man collapses in the street and is declared dead. It soon becomes clear that his life is even more mysterious than his sudden death. Trying to uncover their father?s...
Fortune seekers [shaar press] (h/c)

Fortune seekers [shaar press] (h/c)

FORTUNE SEEKERS [Shaar Press] (H/C)New Mexico in the heady days of the Gold Rush. It is 1849 and a haggard group of European Jews escaping persecution, arrive in the wild...