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ALIVE!Alive! gives us the tools for self-awareness and self-transformation, so we can leave negativity, anger, and frustration behind, and instead fearlessly reach higher, using our strengths, achieving our goals and...
Building your self-image [pliskin] (h/c)-0

Building your self-image [pliskin] (h/c)

BUILDING YOUR SELF-IMAGE [Pliskin] (H/C)This book can change your life. And the life of your spouse, your children, your friends and your employees. Every success story begins with a positive...
Conversations with yourself [pliskin] (h/c) Jewish Books

Conversations with yourself [pliskin] (h/c)

CONVERSATIONS WITH YOURSELF [Pliskin] (H/C)The quality of your life is the quality of your on-going self-talk!" Most people unconsciously engage in internal self-talk, and in this book, best-selling author Rabbi...
Honor them, revere them Jewish Books

Honor them, revere them

Honor Them, Revere ThemIn short daily readings, we will discover how to honor and revere our parents, through true stories, Torah insights, and practical advice. By reading about kibbud av...
I am i [twerski] (shaar press) (hard cover)

I am i [twerski] (shaar press) (hard cover)

I AM I [Twerski] (Shaar Press) (Hard cover)Rabbi Twerski makes available some of his case material demonstrating an integrated approach to sometimes thorny issues. More than a fascinating review of...
In joy [weinreich] (hard cover) Jewish Books

In joy [weinreich] (hard cover)

IN JOY [Weinreich] (Hard cover)Surprise yourself with your own ability. This book provides clear exercises, tips, and strategies to help you savor the moments of your life that too often...
Let there be rain Jewish Books

Let there be rain

Let There Be RainLet There Be Rain, by Rabbi Wallerstein with bestselling author Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, combines Torah wisdom with marvelous stories to show us how to incorporate hakaras hatov...
Life's blessings Jewish Books

Life's blessings

LIFE'S BLESSINGSBestselling beloved author Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. shows us how to unleash and harness the vast power of berachos.Binding: HardcoverPages: 286Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Abraham J. TwerskiLIFE'S...
Making little things count...[avi shulman]h/c Jewish Books

Making little things count...[avi shulman]h/c

MAKING LITTLE THINGS COUNT...[Avi Shulman]H/CBinding: HardcoverPages: 208Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Avi ShulmanMAKING LITTLE THINGS COUNT...[Avi Shulman]H/C
Mastering relationships Jewish Books

Mastering relationships

Mastering RelationshipsFire. Water. Wind. Earth. Understand the four elements – and you will better understand others, and yourself. Master their secrets – and you will master your relationships.Binding: HardcoverPages: 370Dimensions:...
Not just stories [twerski/shaar press] (h/c)-0

Not just stories [twerski/shaar press] (h/c)

NOT JUST STORIES [Twerski/Shaar Press] (H/C)This book is a superb collection of stories, chassidic and otherwise, told by a master. It is a thoughtful and provocative exposition of great spiritual...
Self-improvement?--i'm jewish! [twerski] (hc) Jewish Books

Self-improvement?--i'm jewish! [twerski] (hc)

SELF-IMPROVEMENT?--I'M JEWISH! [Twerski] (HC)In this wise and valuable book, Rabbi Abraham Twerski MD shows that the principles for today's most successful techniques for self-improvement are found in the Torah, as...