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40 days of caring-0

40 days of caring

40 Days of CaringA 40-Day Mission … Countless Blessings! We all know the many blessings that come with shemiras halashon, with being careful with our words. Blessings of unity. Of...
48 [seltzer] (h/c) Jewish Books

48 [seltzer] (h/c)

48 [SELTZER] (H/C)The Sages give us 48 ways to make Torah a part of us. β€’With a voice like hers, she could have been world famous, but she chose a...
5 great leaders (hard cover)

5 great leaders (hard cover)

5 GREAT LEADERS (Hard cover)Like its popular predecessor Five Great Lives depicts the character and achievements of five towering Torah personalities, Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, the best-selling, perceptive biographer of Torah...
5 great lives (hard cover) Jewish Books 5 GREAT LIVES (Hard cover)

5 great lives (hard cover)

5 GREAT LIVES (Hard cover)Rabbi Shimon Finkelman knows how to present the many facets of their lives as geonim, teachers, humane guides, and devout servants of Hashem. His full-length anecdotal...
90 seconds-0

90 seconds

90 SECONDSThis is a true story so full of non-stop action, physical and spiritual courage, Divine Providence, spine-tingling adventure -- and an utter dedication to Torah -- that it can...
A blazing light in the darkness Jewish Books

A blazing light in the darkness

A Blazing Light in the DarknessSo many accomplishments, by one man, in one lifetime. He was Rav Avrohom Kalmanowitz, the man who brought the blazing light of Torah to the...
A canopy of stars Jewish Books

A canopy of stars

A Canopy of StarsIn A Canopy of Stars we will discover galaxies of goodness, constellations of caring. Because no one lights up the darkness quite like the men and women...
A daily dose of pesukim of bitachon-0

A daily dose of pesukim of bitachon

A Daily Dose of Pesukim of BitachonDesigned to be used as a daily reader, with one pasuk every day, in A Daily Dose of Pesukim of Bitachon we will discover...

A gift for yom tov (hard cover)

A GIFT FOR YOM TOV (Hard cover)Delving into the lessons that the Jewish holidays teach us and utilizing anecdotes and humor, the author enables readers to attain a new level...
A gift passed along (hardcover) Jewish Books

A gift passed along (hardcover)

A GIFT PASSED ALONG (Hardcover)Sarah Shapiro is a welcome new addition to Shaar PressÆ list of authors. There are many words to describe her writing: literature of the highest order,...
A guide to refuah on shabbos-0

A guide to refuah on shabbos

A Guide To Refuah on ShabbosFrom minor ailments to major medical crises: Dealing with unexpected health situations on Shabbos can be challenging.Binding: HardcoverPages: 200Dimensions: 5.38 X 8.13Authors: Rabbi Yaakov E....
A handful of stars Jewish Books

A handful of stars

A Handful of StarsThis is a book about stars." It's about people who light up the night with their choices. It's about men and women who are "preeminent" in the...