Bat Mitzvah Coin Medallion Medal Heirloom


JOY OF YOUTH " BAT MITZVAH State Medal, 2005 5765

When a Jewish girl reaches the age of twelve, she is considered an "adult". The first Bat Mitzvah Medal was issued in 1978, at the 30th Anniversary of the State of Israel. In 2004, a public design contest was organized for a new Bat Mitzvah Medal and it was won by two talented Israeli girls, Liron Tobol and Shiri Tsarfati.

Obverse: Head of a girl with long, plaited hair, resembling a plaited Sabbath Challah (bread). Above the plait, two burning candles, symbolizing the Shabbat candles lit by the Jewish woman. To the right and below, a quotation in Hebrew from a popular Israeli song, composed by Bezalel Aloni for the late Israeli star singer, Ofra Haza, "Give us light and the joy of youth". In the lower border, "Give us peace and joy".

Reverse: A path winding through roses with the sun shining on the horizon. In the upper border, the Hebrew inscription meaning "May your path be surrounded by roses" (signifying a

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