Ancient Coin - Prutah 66 CE Fine Quality



The First Jewish Revolt against the Romans in the Israel broke out in 66 CE as a result of the hostility towards the Jewish people on the part of the Roman Procurators and the gentiles who had settled in Judea and been accorded high status at the expense of the Jewish population.

In addition to this, the situation worsened due to the social and economic gaps within the population which continued to grow.

Resistance to the Jewish Revolt began in the Galilee by Vespasian, who had been appointed by Rome to quell the revolt, assited by his elder son Titus.

Josephus Flavius, a Jewish Resistance Leader in Galilee, was captured and joined the Romans.

Flavius wrote a detailed history of the Revolt and how it led to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple, in 70 CE.

During the Jewish War, silver Shekels and bronze coin. Your coin arrives with a certification of authenticity and signed.

The image shown is illustrative. Your actual ancient Prutah coin of the great Jewish revolt comes with a signed certificate of authentication by the certified antiquities dealer of Israel. Remember, you are purchasing authentic history in your hands of a 2,000 year old coin.

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