Israel's Lion of Judah Coin Collector's Set HolyLand Bottle


Israel Lion of Judah Coin Collector's Set

In ancient times, lions were not a rare sight in the Holy Land. They roamed the land freely. Various cultures and civilizations adopted the lion as a symbol of power and royalty. Representing the ancient Hebrew kingdom, the Lion
of Judah is such a symbol. Images of lions have been found on mosaics and ancient buildings such as the city gates of Tel Hazor which was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. This set is complemented with a small bottle of soil from the Holy Land.

"Tel Hazor" Coin: (Obverse) Gideon Sagi
(Reverse) Eitan Hendel
"Lion" Medal: Meir Eshel

Fine 999 Silver. 38.7 mm coins 31.1  grams (1 OZ)

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