Leather Amulet Strength In Hebrew


Leather-made bracelet for youngsters, with 925 silver element which is set with diamond and engraved with... "HAZAK 1 BARUCH". As all BSD pieces, also this bracelet aims to grant his wearer with the advantages of the Kabala mystic knowledge. The materials and shapes are thoughtfully designed for creating fashion oriented look while supporting the wearer needs. The round shape hoop stands for cyclic pattern of nature and all its livings, while the silver plate is coded with the Hebrew ancient pray- script that says be strong and blessed. The letters in Hebrew sum up to gematria value of 343, which equals the value of the words Bar-Mitsva. This correspond with the gematria of ( 1= "Echad") which is 13 that resembles the 13 attributes of God. Also the use magnet in the bracelet lock bears the concept of opposites that attracts each other to create a unity.

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