Atarah Tallit Neckband + 4 Corners - City Of David


Designer Atarah NeckBand with 4 matching corners to be sewn on any Tallit. The Atarah includes the blessing "Blessed Art Thou O God who has commanded us to dawn the prayer Shawl" or the Priestly Blessing given by Cohanim weekly and received by all of Israel. Design your own Tallit Prayer Shawl with our gorgeous Atarah design that include the Atarah neckband and matching 4 corner design and available in matching color bases to suit your tallit.

Simply choose code shown next to each design which specifies color, and bracha to match any base striped tallit and presto you have a new tallit design of your choice. The set includes the patterned embroidery for neckband and the 4 matching corners easily sewn onto any tallit material. You can purchase the tallit base as well for a complete tallit set, or simply the set to sew on to an existing tallit you already own. The most innovative and inexpensive solution to design and customization brought to

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