Tzitzis Techelet - Authentic Hilazon Blue String Set


Hand Made Ptil Techeles is a complete set for a 4 Corner Garment and full blue thread for each corner. This Techelet is the most original widely accepted techelet endorsed by Orthodox Standards.

  • White Strings included (not Shown).
  • Avodas Yad Ptil Tcheiles.
  • Available Thin (Style 1) or Thick (Style 2).
  • The Ptil Techeiles Tzitzit are made according to two different ways.
  • The Rambam tzitzit are only half blue threads (the other half are white).
  • The Raivid tzitzit are completely blue. Both are available in thick thin.
  • Specify Rambam or Raivid at checkout comments for which tzitzit you would like.

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