Kittel Laced With Buttons


Kittel Laced With Buttons and belt. Polyester Cotton Blend for comfort and easy wear. A kittel (Yiddish: robe) is a white robe worn on special occasions by religious Jews. According to many traditions a groom wears a kittel for the first time on his wedding day. It is worn on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, in keeping with the Biblical "our sins shall be made as white as snow" (Isaiah 1:18). Many Jews also wear a Kittel when leading the Passover Seder. The white color is said to symbolize purity, which partly explains its use during weddings. It is also felt to signify unity with the bride (who also wears white) and the beginning of a new life together. In addition to this usage, the dead are also buried in a kittel, providing simple dress that assures equality for all in death.

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