Kiddush Wine Cups , Fountains

Exquisite Israeli kiddush cups and silver bechers on sale.

Kiddush Cups and Wine Goblets

A Wine Glass, specially designated for reciting the blessing (Bracha) over wine at your Shabbat Table and on Jewish Holidays. Wine blessing tumblers come in a variety of designs such as the hand painted wood, the silver plated, and the sterling silver. We also have a range of fountains which take wine from one glass and distribute it among a large number of smaller versions so that the person who recited the blessings doesn't have to pour each little mini-goblet for all of the people attending the meal before they can drink. Given that most meals involve a large number to attendees, including many children, saving time by using a fountain is a great idea. It also avoids spillage when seeking to pour the wine from the primary goblet to the tiny mini-goblets that are given to each person.
Shop for a kiddush cup and wine cup in wood lacquer with gorgeous designs made in Israel, in silver, brass, silver plated, pewter and glass. Every purchase is sent in a gorgeous gift box ideal for gift giving and shabbat gifts.

Range of items

Traditionally, all items were silver or silver plated. However, as time as progressed, a range of alternatives have evolved. We stock a colorful range of ceramic kiddush cups with designs evoking scenes from the Bible, Ancient Israel and patterns of birds and flowers taken from the world around us. There are plastic chalices which are designed to look like the regular shiny items but they are very heavily discounted and they can be used without the same fears of the items being broken. They come in a variety of quantities and can be purchased many at a time in case you are hosting a large meal with many attendees who wish to have their own goblet. Many kiddush cups are sold with saucers.

Why is Wine Special

The purpose of blessing the wine is to sanctify it. That means taking something that is normal, and imbuing it with some spiritual significance. That is indeed the purpose of life according to Jewish tradition – to take something that is simple, basic and even, sometimes, negative, and turning it into something beautiful which gives honor to G-d. 
Shop Ahuva for unique and exquisitely designed Kiddush Cups to grace your table or that of your loved ones. 
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Cup & Saucer Set - Silver Becher Lior

Cup & Saucer Set - Silver Becher Lior

Cup & Saucer Set - Silver Becher Lior
Bier Hammered Goblet With Gold Stem 2 Piece Set

Bier Hammered Goblet With Gold Stem

$446.25 – $536.25
Bier Hammered Goblet with Gold Stem.925 Sterling Silver Approximate Weight: 126 grams . Height: 4.75"
Becher Kiddush Cup Filigree - Sterling

Becher Kiddush Cup Filigree - Sterling

Becher Kiddush Cup Filigree - Sterling Silver 4th generation Mastercraft artist of Israel in 925 Filigree Sterling Silver Gorgeous sterling silver kiddush becher is adorned in full filigree Height 4"...