Translation And Transliteration Bencher


Translation And Transliteration Bencher

Edited and with commentary by Rabbi Joshua Cahan
5.5" x 7.5", 144 pages

Yedid Nefesh A new traditional egalitarian bencher with full translation and transliteration Yedid Nefesh is a traditional, egalitarian bencher designed to be a perfect shabbat companion for both veterans and novices. The clear, simple line-by-line transliterations allow everyone to sing along. Instructions provide all the necessary information for proper performance of the Shabbat rituals. And the original commentary is accessible to all but will enlighten even the most knowledgeable readers.

  • Extensive commentary and instructions by Rabbi Cahan
  • A broader selection of Shabbat zemirot and other songs
  • Full translation and transliteration of all texts
  • All-new translations that is easily readable but also stays true to the original
  • An elegant layout for easier use
  • Egalitarian texts and translation
  • In some places additions or alternatives are provided that counter some of the gender imbalance of the traditional texts.


What is a bencher?

  • Blessings after meals (both full and short versions), including additions for weddings and brit mila/simchat bat celebrations
  • Friday night blessings and readings along with Kiddush for all occasions
  • Zemirot (liturgical songs) for shabbat — 19 songs (there are 11 in B'kol Echad, 15 in the NCSY bencher)
  • Short songs, including a special section of wedding songs
  • Havdala and special post-shabbat songs


    Translation And Transliteration Bencher

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