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Shop all your Passover needs this year quick and easy. Order Shmurah Matzah, Passover tableware, seder & matza plates, and a huge selection of Passover gifts that will make your holiday season unforgettable. Toys for all the ages on your passover list. Re-enact the Exodus of Egypt with intuitive props, haggadahs translated in English, Spanish,French, Russian and more.

Rest assured when you shop for your Passover holiday, you receive the best value there is to offer on the holiday season. This year you'll find the newest gifts and novelties and the latest in tableware and Kosher for Passover gift baskets. All our gift baskets are available kosher for passover when ordered anytime near the Pesach holiday.Β View our Israeli Passover PDF Catalog hereΒ for some of the newest haggadahs and gifts not yet posted online.Β 

We specialize in supplying large seder supplies for community seders in hotels and large family get togethers. Experience an unforgettable seder night as you recline on embroidered linen gold or silver pillow case written on it "Χ€Χ‘Χ—" adorned with a matching matza cover and afikomen bag. Delve into the meaning of the evening with an array of insightful haggadahs on sale.

We sell bulk matzos in every flavor and can ship almost anywhere worldwide. We offer this service almost at cost as it's important to us that Jews around the world can get their hands on a box of matzos for the seder night - the quintessential mitzvah of the evening. We sell badatz (highest quality) shmurah matza online. Note: we package all pesach items with utmost care but cannot guarantee breakage of matzah in transit).

Seder and matzah plates is a practical requirement for any pesach seder night and a wonderful gift giving idea for all year round. Seder plate sets are specially popular as wedding gifts.

Explore our site for unprecedented gifts and supplies, as we are the Passover Store

The Passover Super Store

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The Passover Book

The Passover Book

Beautiful book about Pesach, lavishly illustrated, describing the holiday and how it has been celebrated in different communities throughout the ages. 32 page section on Pesach cookery and a complete...
Afikomen Matzah Passover Bag Embroidery to 10 letters

Afikomen Matzah Passover Bag

$22.10 – $54.10
Afikomen Matza Passover Bag in Elegant Velvet. Matzah Seder Cover to match
Pillow Case For Passover Embroidery to 10 letters

Pillow Case For Passover

$44.20 – $76.20
It's a commandment to lean on Passover and be a King. Do them both with this wonderful pillow case.
Velvet Matza Cover for Passover 3 Layered Maroon Embroidery to 10 letters

Velvet Matza Cover for Passover 3 Layered

$34.00 – $64.30
Beautifully embroidered. High Quality. 3 Ply Matzah cover for Passover.
Passover Matzah Cover - Terylene Embroidery to 10 letters

Passover Matzah Cover - Terylene

$12.75 – $44.75
Pesach Matzah Marror Cover in Terylene and embroidered. Available in Square round. 17.5"x17.5". Beautiful and economical for large Passover seder gatherings.
Terelyne Passover Afikomen Bag Embroidery to 10 letters

Terelyne Passover Afikomen Bag

$13.60 – $45.60
Terelyne Passover Afikomen Bag
Velvet Afikomen Bag Passover Set Embroidery to 10 letters

Velvet Afikomen Bag Passover Set

$16.15 – $48.15
Velvet Afikomen Bag Passover Set
Afikomen Bags Terylene Embroidery to 10 letters

Afikomen Bags Terylene

$13.00 – $32.00
This afikomen bag is used to place the designated matzot of the afikomen during the seder. and is used for hiding the matzot. Size 10 x 9.5".
Spring Haggadah

Spring Haggadah

Splendid Haggadah in hardcover features 96 pages of graphically astounding illustrations in Hebrew and English. Size 12" [height] X 5" [width]. Printed and Made in Israel. A heirloom gift.
Soft Cover Haggadah

Soft Cover Haggadah

Elaborately Illustrated Soft Cover Hagaddah. Made in Israel. Size 9.5" [height] X 7" [width]. Hebrew and English Text.
Hand-Embroidered Matzah & Afikomen Set

Hand-Embroidered Matzah & Afikomen Set

Fully embroidered in vibrant colors in Yair's Jerusalem Studio. Matzah Cover Size 16" X 16" has 3 layers within for the 3 Matzot. Afikomen Cover 12" X 8". Simply Beautiful...