Embroider Letters in Styles & Colors Hebrew & English


Custom Hebrew or English Embroidered Lettering . You supply the material and we'll embroider a wall hanging, a custom blessing, a neck band (atarah), embroider on book covers and the ideas are numerous.The embroidered letters can be

  • On Yarmulkas .50” is regular size and 1.65” XL

  • On Tallis/Tefillin Bags .75” is regular size

  • Applied on velvet, suede, Denim, Gaberdine
  • Styles of Hebrew & English in Block, Script, Rashi
  • Colors: Red, Navy, Grey, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Silver, Black, Tan, Gold, White, Green, Brown, Orange.
  • Quantity in cart = quantity of letters to embroider
  • Listed price does not include base materials.
  • Minimal total per job is $15.


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