Portable Inflatable Sukkah - Camping Hol Hamoed Sukkah


Portable Inflatable Sukkah - Camping Hol Hamoed Sukkah1

Portable Sukkah that's inflatable A reliable sizable sukkah that gives you ease of portability and comfort in room. The simple inflatable mechanism makes it a breeze to blow up and open in 3-5 minutes. Great portable sukkah for those on the move, camping trips, or just looking for an easy simply way to fulfill the mitzvah.

Specially designed with an open top and frame for schach easily placed on top for a 100% kosher Sukkah mitzvah experience.

  • Comfortably fit 4-6 people.
  • Size of 5 x 6 feet (1.5 meter x 1.8 meter x 2.1 meter [tall])
  • Easy Carrying Bag, foot pump and accessories included.
  • Inflates and opens in 3-5 minutes.
  • Durable tough material is rugged for any terrain.

If you thought the Pop-Up was the last word in Jewish genius, you haven't come face to face with the inflatable Sukkah. No huffing and puffing required, the inflatable Sukkah comes with a pump, and meet all stringent Halachic requirements.

Shturem correspondents report that this inflatable sukkah,  the brainchild of a Lubavitcher Chossid, is the most popular Sukkah in the national parks this Chol Hamoed, enabling families to enjoy longer trips away from home base on Sukkos.

The Israeli version is certified by the OK Kashrus organization

Portable Inflatable Sukkah - Camping Hol Hamoed Sukkah

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