Torah Crown - Ornate Unique Jerusalem Walled


Torah Crown - Ornate Unique Jerusalem Walled in silver and 14Kt Gold. One of a kind piece, 100% hand made. The following motifs appears on the bottom of the crown: The third Temple , Rachel's Grave , The tower of David in Jerusalem. 3 Eilat Stones, are set at the bottom of the crown - Turquoise and Sodalite (a purple bluish natural stone) stones are set on the middle and upper part of the crown.

In the middle of the crown and on the top there are hand engraved images of the 7 species of Israel.
Wheat & Barley, Grape Vine ,Figs ,Pomegranate ,Olives ,Date Tree. The crown weighs 2,094 Grams
The dimensions of the crown are as follows:
Height: 13" Width: 11" Base diameter: 8"

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