Perfection Ketubah In Blue


This Ketubah was silkscreened from an original multilayered papercut. The round shape was chosen because the circle is the perfect form; the intersecting lines in the design represents the intersecting lives of a couple. The colors were chosen because they are optimistic and vibrant. The texts decorating the Ketubah are taken from R. Yehuda Halevi and the Maharal of Prague. Jerusalem Artist Archie Granot. Size 17" X 17". The texts around the ketubah read:

"...and when I went out towards you, I found you coming towards me ...ever since you were the home of love for me, my love has lived where you have lived." (R. Yehuda Halevi - Love Poems)
"Where perfection exists happiness is blessed; and there is no greater perfection than the marriage of bride and groom."(Maharal of Prague). Jerusalem artist Archie Granot is one of the best papercut artists in the world. His works both revive and continue a traditional Jewish art form. Distinguished by multiple layers of paper, his

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