Parochet - Paroches Size Taking. Ark Curtain Sizing.


Measuring your Parochet / Paroches ark curtain

One must measure from the center of the rod all the way to the floor and to subtract about one inch in order for the curtain not to touch the floor. In our experience, we have found that there is generally a need to add 2 inches to the width in order to produce elegant pleats to the curtain. If you are taking measurements from an existing Parochet please include the rings and the fringes in your measurement.


  1. Measure the width of the Ark, or the width that you would like.
  2. Would you like your Parochet ark curtain to hang from a rod with or without rings? If you choose without rings we will make a special rim around the top. Generally we make a very simple rim. If you would like something more unique and original please let us know when you order.
  3. Our rings have a diameter of 2.8cm. They are available in natural wood or cherry color. Choose the style you want from the samples on our website. Otherwise create your own unique design together with our graphics department.
  4. Choose a color for your material: white, off-white, green, black, dark blue, royal, Bordeaux, wine, brown, and more.
  5. Choose a color for the embroidery: gold, silver, both, or colorful.
  6. Send us your dedication, and choose a color for the letters: gold, silver, both, or colorful

Parochet For Sale . You get the following extra's.

  • A Paroches design sketch before embroidery for your approval for every order. 
  • All our Parochets are made of top quality velvet, threading and silk materials
  • All our parochets are lined with a double layer in quality and long lasting Paroches use.
  • We offer to combine designs of 2 or 3 Parochets to create your own perfect Paroches
  • New designs based on your submitted sketch available

For Hebrew Dedication Phrases , All Psukim are available. Check the Hebrew Dedication Tab for examples.