Return Policy

Conditions of Return

Customer must be familiar with our policies prior to ordering. Please check your order promptly upon receipt.
  • Damages/shortages or errors must be reported to us within 10 days of receipt of order to initiate a claim.
  • All damaged items due to delivery should be claimed through UPS or the postal service first. In the event an item arrives partially broken or missing a part, such as a replacement glass or missing screws, we'll make every effort to replace the part and send to you at our cost. The customer is requested to make the little effort to replace the piece on the original item.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to send call tags
  • Items received incorrectly will be requested to show a photo email of item received different than ordered. If confirmed an error on our part, we will offer to replace the item upon return receipt and incur the costs to ship back. Based on customer agreement, we may offer a discount to keep. A disputed charge will be unacceptable as we offer to replace the item correctly at no charge.
  • If you need to return merchandise, please be aware that: Returned items within 10 business days of receipt must have their original labels, and be folded and packed in the original packaging. Unless the return is due to an oversight on ahuva's part a 15% restocking fee will be charged for regular stock items and 20% for specialty orders.

  • Process of Return

  • All returns require your request in writing via our contact form.  
  • Unless the following instructions are exactly followed, we cannot assume responsibility of the returned item or any of the related customs charges**
  • Please send only the product, don't send back the gift box
  • Please use REGULAR, yet REGISTERED mail and a padded FLAT envelope when possible.
  • Please DO NOT SEND with courier or EMS/UPS/FedEx
  • In order to avoid possible theft, please do not write anything on the package that might indicate the value of its contents (such as jewelry, gold, chain, etc.)
  • In case you are requested to provide an item description, please mark the item as "Gift", and in the content description write "Gift" and mark the value as "$0" to expedite shipping and avoid uneccessary customs and duty charges.
  • Mark as "Warranty Return $0 Value" again to avoid customs and duty charges.
  • Please include a note with your order number, #xxxx, and the reason for returning the item
  • Please let us know once you ship the item and inform us of the tracking number.
  • If the item arrives damaged due to poor packaging, then no credit will be issued. So please make sure to re-package it appropriately.
  • If for any reason, you feel there is an error in charge on your credit card after a purchase is received, please email us stating your claim. We are an honest company but at times we too can make a mistake. Almost 100% of the time we resolve your conflict to your 100% satisfaction.
    Please do not dispute the charge with your credit card company simply because this is a very time consuming and costly procedure resulting in a long wait period to receive your possible credit and additional unnecessary charges. If a dispute is initiated without prior consent or invalid reason, there will be a $25 re-charge fee that is levied by the credit card processing company. This applies to all forms of payment.
    In our response, we will provide the exact return address. 

    Non Refundables

    • Hand made items are clearly non returnable. These are items such as hand made prayer shawls and Jewelry pieces specially created for your order and therefore cannot be returned. If in doubt whether an item is handmade by it's title or description it is incumbent upon the customer to inquire prior to ordering as we cannot post this information on our vast changing inventory.
    • Custom orders & personalized products are non returnable. Examples include Printed Kippahs, embroidered tallit / bags, Specially tied tallits, printed benchers. 
    • Shrink wrapped packages such as software and the like are deemed final as soon as it is opened and non returnable.
    • Seasonal items are not returnable. Please anticipate your needs. Items that were special ordered (not pictured on our site) or personalized may not be returned.
    • All items listed in our Overstock department are deemed as final sale as the price of these items are usually below cost.
    It is the customer's responsibility to determine in advance of order if you're unsure if an item is non refundable. We cannot bend our policy on these items.

    Cancelled Orders

    Cancelled orders regardless of when or why incur a 20% restocking fee. Cancellation fees are incurred so long as we guarantee delivery of ordered item and customer chooses to cancel.Cancellation costs include among others, prepackaging, labeling, printing receipts, manually crediting charge, internal notification, customer communication and follow up, support time, documentation and re-inventorying items internally based on demand This takes enormous amount of effort, time and resources and the cancellation fee does not cover our costs as we absorb loss with cancelled orders. So when ordering, if you have any questions, please email or call us to confirm any further details as we want to deliver to your satisfaction.