Disk On Key Tehillim Book Media with Diamond

Disk On Key Tehillim Book Media with Diamond


Size: 2 GB

2 GB
2 GB
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8 GB
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This amazing unique gift piece is a disk on key necklace with the entire Tehillim media book! When you wear this wonderful piece of jewelry you have this blessed book with you wherever you go! The Tehillim (Psalms) media book is written in phonetic Hebrew-English style. It means that you can read English as if you are reading Hebrew! This media is provided by the famous "Davka" company. We placed a lot of thinking to make you an easy disk-on-key to use. pull out the key use it on your computer and re-insert into necklace lock. Since the Tehillim book media volume is very small, you have a large space of memory on your disk "on "key for any other use. We can engrave whatever you like on the smooth surface of this jewel. It is a lovely gift for the most important and happy celebrations in life!

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2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB