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5 great leaders (hard cover)

5 great leaders (hard cover)

5 GREAT LEADERS (Hard cover)Like its popular predecessor Five Great Lives depicts the character and achievements of five towering Torah personalities, Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, the best-selling, perceptive biographer of Torah...
90 seconds-0

90 seconds

90 SECONDSThis is a true story so full of non-stop action, physical and spiritual courage, Divine Providence, spine-tingling adventure -- and an utter dedication to Torah -- that it can...
A blazing light in the darkness Jewish Books

A blazing light in the darkness

A Blazing Light in the DarknessSo many accomplishments, by one man, in one lifetime. He was Rav Avrohom Kalmanowitz, the man who brought the blazing light of Torah to the...
A look back (hard cover) Jewish Books

A look back (hard cover)

A LOOK BACK (Hard cover)This book presents many of Dr. Gershon Kranzler's finest essays. They are filled with stories and biographical sketches of a string of fascinating people of two...
A star from sanz Jewish Books

A star from sanz

A Star from SanzRabbi Yechiel Spero brings all his acclaimed storytelling talent to the inspiring life of Rav Yitzchok Sternhell, one of the unsung heroes of the resurgence of Torah...
At his rebbi's side Jewish Books

At his rebbi's side

At His Rebbi's SideEverywhere he went, Rabbi Liff encountered Torah greatness, and his relationships with more than 25 gedolim makes for incredible reading. Follow him and be inspired, as he...
Beloved by all (rav pam) [finkelman] (h/c) Jewish Books

Beloved by all (rav pam) [finkelman] (h/c)

BELOVED BY ALL (Rav Pam) [FINKELMAN] (H/C)No, no, no!" he told the caller. " How can you say you have no friends? I'm your friend." The caller was sad and...
Bostoner rebbetzin (hard cover)-0

Bostoner rebbetzin (hard cover)

BOSTONER REBBETZIN (Hard cover)Boston chassidus is a wellspring of the baal teshuvah movement, a source of compassion and medical assistance, and a model of vibrant Torah Judaism. This is the...
Building for eternity: the life and legacy of reb moshe reichmann

Building for eternity: the life and legacy of reb moshe reichmann

Building for Eternity: The Life and Legacy of Reb Moshe ReichmannRabbi Yisroel Besser brings us a story that will leave us enthralled by its unexpected twists and turns. More: it...
B’ahavah, benny-0

B’ahavah, benny

B’Ahavah, BennyHe started literally with nothing, and built an empire of business – and chesed. He was a brilliant businessman whom Rabbi Moshe Sherer called “the malach of shalom.” He...
Chazon ish (hard cover) Jewish Books

Chazon ish (hard cover)

CHAZON ISH (Hard cover)The inspiring life-story of Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz.Binding: HardcoverPages: 271Dimensions: 6.00 X 9.00Authors: Rabbi Shimon FinkelmanCHAZON ISH (Hard cover)
Dr. adler h/c Jewish Books

Dr. adler h/c

DR. ADLER H/CThey don't make them like this anymore. Rav Schach zt'l called him ze'ir a groisseh doctor" (a very great doctor), and the Klausenberger zt'l declared, "he was accompanied...