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Ahava Love Glass Mezuzah Aqua No Thanks

Ahava Love Glass Mezuzah

$72.25 – $108.25
Glass Mezuzah. The hebrew word, Ahava, meaning love, has been sandblasted on this mezuzah. The glass used is either the iridescent colors of red or aqua, mirrors of blue or...
Israel City Collectors Medallions Sterling Silver

Israel City Collectors Medallions

$73.10 – $169.10
Beautiful Medal depicting a city in Israel. The medals are made by Israeli artist Meir Eshel. What a beautiful way to commemorate a Jewish City and Israeli City. A lovely...
Jerusalem Anniversary - Bronze Medal

Jerusalem Anniversary - Bronze Medal

Three thousand years ago King David conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites and established the "City of David" on the ridge above the Pool of Siloam. The city was surrounded by...
Jewish Wedding Medal Gift Boxed - Bronze, Silver & Gold

Jewish Wedding Medal Gift Boxed - Bronze, Silver & Gold

$75.00 – $950.00
A wedding anniversary may have even greater significance than a birthday. Hassidim explain that marriage represents the fulfillment of the day of birth. However, the period of married life is...