Jerusalem Anniversary - Bronze Medal


Three thousand years ago King David conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites and established the "City of David" on the ridge above the Pool of Siloam. The city was surrounded by deep valleys on three sides. Above it, to the north, was the hill upon which the Temple would be built. David turned Jerusalem into the capital of the Kingdom of Israel, concentrating all royal, political and religious authority, in a single place and person for the first time. David's son Solomon completed his father's work and built the Temple. Ruled by many nations in the course of its history, Jerusalem has stimulated the imagination of much of mankind. It remains the City of David to this day.


Panoramic view of old and new Jerusalem with the inscription "3000" and 'Jerusalem City of David" in Hebrew in the center, and in English and Arabic along the upper circumference.< p> Reverse:

Depiction of a mosaic showing King David from the ancient synagogue at Gaza. Below, along the circu

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