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Duet Ketubah Ii Interfaith Yes

Duet Ketubah Ii

$260.00 – $485.00
Ketubah with a lovely design representing Love birds sitting on two trees in harmony, reaching to each other and symbolizing the joy and passion of life. The ketubah is printed...
Eden - Wedding Ketubah For Jewish Weddings Anniversary

Eden - Wedding Ketubah For Jewish Weddings

This lovely tablet-shaped text is surrounded by doves, flowers, harps and trumpets. The Jerusalem skyline above and traditional menorah below add to this whirlwind of color and imagery.. Media: giclee....
Embrace Ketubah Interfaith None Thanks

Embrace Ketubah

$260.00 – $485.00
Lovely Ketubah with Intertwined brunches of a tree with the desire to connect with each other, as the couple join their lives together in a bond of eternal love as...
Eternity Ketubah Interfaith Yes

Eternity Ketubah

$260.00 – $485.00
In this stunning Ketubah, the Celtic knots interlock one into the other and create one whole piece. The groom and bride join together in eternal love. The ketubah is printed...
Floralese Ketubah Anniversary Yes

Floralese Ketubah

This ketubah is framed by a richly colored panel filled with beautifully drawn flowers, vines and leaves. The quote " I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" adorns...
Four Season Ketubah Interfaith Yes

Four Season Ketubah

$260.00 – $485.00
The ketubah design, showing a tree of life coloured with the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, which represent the continuing cycle of life. It is also a blessing...
Genesis Ketubah Traditional Aramaic Yes

Genesis Ketubah

$260.00 – $485.00
Inspired with the African spirits, this Genesis ketubah is graced with colors and shapes of a new beginning together, a commitment of eternal love, family and tradition. The ketubah is...
Gustav'S Kiss Ketubah Anniversary Yes

Gustav'S Kiss Ketubah

Inspired by Gustav Klimt's Kiss, this ketubah captures the intimacy and love between two people. This artist has recaptured these feelings in her beautiful interpretation of this painting in her...
Hamsa Good Luck Ketubah Interfaith Yes

Hamsa Good Luck Ketubah

$260.00 – $485.00
In this stunning Ketubah, Jerusalem of Gold surrounds the Hamsa which stands for good luck and protection against the evil spirit for the newly married couple. The ketubah is printed...
Harmony Ketubah Anniversary Yes

Harmony Ketubah

This is a fun ketubah. It has traditional elements such as the Star of David which fill the four corners of the ketubah and the quote " I am my...
Harmony Ketubah In Colors Multicolor Conservative None Thanks

Harmony Ketubah In Colors

$260.00 – $485.00
Ketubah with an original and colorful design that wants to symbolize the harmony and warmth of married life. The ketubah is printed in Gicl??e method, which means the ink is...
Heart & Soul Ketubah Anniversary Yes

Heart & Soul Ketubah

This ketubah was inspired by a series of compositions in which the artist Matisse used only painted papercuts. Vibrant colours and strong shapes inhabit the ketubah. It is full of...