Harmony Ketubah In Colors Multicolor Conservative None Thanks
Harmony Ketubah In Colors
Harmony Ketubah In Colors

Harmony Ketubah In Colors


Color: Multicolor


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Ketubah with an original and colorful design that wants to symbolize the harmony and warmth of married life. The ketubah is printed in Gicl??e method, which means the ink is sprayed. This method was developed 20 years ago as a substitute for the Lithograph reproduction. In this method, over three million drops of ink are being sprayed on the paper, with a combination of hundreds of colors in millions of different possibilities with high ink absorption. The resulting image displays the light and vitality of the original painting, and the colors do not fade over the years. The main advantage for the designed Ketubah over the written ketubah is its artistic value, and many couples hang it in their home as an art piece. The possibility of custom texts that includes the personal angle of the couple will be used as a reminder of a good prosperous marriage. Size: 24"x24"

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Multicolor, Gold, Black/White

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