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Tefillin Gasos on Sale at below cost! Superior Tefillin Phylacteries Gasot Gassos made of one single piece of hide leather. The best phylactery value Pair of Tefillin on the net. We guarantee it ! Strictly Kosher Tefillin Phylacteries Gasot certified Tefillin - gasos Or Echad made from heavy oxen leather - well-crafted boxes, made from "one skin" Flip-top plastic covers included. Super quality parchments computer checked and certified. Note: If you choose "Right Hand" Tefillin, you will get the pair that is wrapped on your left hand ! - and visa versa.

We will include an actual photocopy of parchment inside with certification on each pair. To the expert eye, you will notice and feel the difference in this pair of Tefillin.

A Pair of Tefillin ( Phylacteries ) are extremely important and often last a lifetime. It is a strict biblical commandment and takes precedence over expenses for festivities. So if you have to choose, choose to spend wisely on a proper pair as the ones we certify.

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