Synagogue Temple Memorial Dedication Plaques

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Temples & Synagogue commemoratory wall plaque dedications, consecrating the deceased in an honorable and providing an everlasting tribute. Made in Israel and shipped direct at factory prices. We specialize in synagogue and temple interiors with prices less than 1/3 you would pay locally, because we manufacture and ship direct from our factory. Email us for a custom sized fit for your wall. 

Synagogue Yizkor light up displays to remember those that have deceased with eternal lights and on the wall of your building or temple. The community remembers those deceased and recite Kaddish - the mourner's prayer for the deceased in the Synagogue. An honorable place on the walls of the Synagogue each with full names and dates of the deceased - each lit up on the anniversary of death and holidays. We take pride in offering you a full selection of Synagogue interior wall displays.