Electronic Bulletin & Announcement System & Service


The most powerful and complete software system for your Synagogue. The only system of it's kind, this easy to use powerful Synagogue system is Internet accessed anywhere in the world. Sign in to a cloud based account to access your account and provide unlimited access to as many users as you wish to manage different areas of your Synagogue Board.  The software is always automatically updated on the cloud.
  • Set up as many screens and informational data you want on your account.
    • Pictures, Videos, Announcements, RSS News feeds, and more..
    • Choose background and colors to fit your style
    • Multiple screens with full preview before publishing
    • Hebrew / English auto dates and fonts
    • Automatic Sunset and Sunrise times & weather & Clock.
    • Auto Sefirat Ha'omer, Halacha Yomi +
    • All new features are automatically updated on your account to use immediately.
    • Add additional screens or points for an associated wing, branch or location. 
    • Manage all locations from one central user.
    • Yearly subscription so you can cancel at anytime. We're so sure you'll love our system you may cancel anytime at no cost.
    • Ready ? Call us 917-963-8627 to schedule a demo

The system is composed of 

  1. The software service of $50 / month. (Prepaid for a Year)
  2. One time mini computer box which you own. $495. (purchased separately)
  3. Your own TV Screen with HDMI cable you purchase on your own.
  4. After 1st year, cancel anytime if you're not 100% satisfied. 

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