Wall Hanging Decor Pomegranate Blessings


Wall Hanging Decor Pomegranate Blessings. Our Pomegranate blessings series " a collection of wall hangings in the shape of one of the symbols of the Holy Land " pomegranate " with individual designs and blessings that decorate any living space with rich mixture of colors. Made from stainless steel laser cut and decorated with swarovski crystals these unique designs of Blessings in Hebrew, English or both. Blessings include
  • #1 Blessing of the Kohens, Great Priests of the Israelites, that wishes: May G-d bless you and keep your safety.
  • #2 Blessings of Prosperity
  • #3 Personal guidance and blessing
  • #4 The Land flowing with Milk & Honey
  • #5 House Blessing
  • #6 Blessings for home and travellers
  • #7 Blessings of Women of Valour
  • #8 Blessings of Gratefulness
  • #9 All Words of Blessings

    Pomegranate from stainless steel laser cut with a polished finish is embedded with Swarovski crystals and hangs beautifully on a beaded string. This design makes an original gift

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