15 String Lever Harp Biblical Harp


15 String Lever Harp Biblical Harp

15 Strings Harp looks like a smaller concert harp. This model is great for beginners and children who loves concert models. Harp Lovers can also use this model as decoration piece in their roams. Harp has even resonant sound across the entire range. It is ranging from 1st Octave F to 3rd Octave F. For easy comfortable playing position. it can be sit on your lap just like lap harp and pull back to rest on your right shoulder. Roundback soundbox feel comfortable at your shoulder

Well Constructed harp body from solid Ashwood and nicely painted like large harps. Stainless steel hardware. Harp has decades of life 

Harp Specifications — 15 String Harp

Strings Type: Nylon Strings

Extreme Width: 40 cm

Extreme Height: 62.5 cm

Range: 1st Octave F to 3rd Octave F

Available Finishes:

Natural, Black, Green, White and Blue. These are standard colours at standard price. We shall be happy to make custom colours on your demand. Custom colour charges maybe apply. Whatever colour you desire is possible.

Carry Bags:

The Deluxe Carry bags are made from high quality Cordura. With 10 mm hard foam padding interior and 3 mm soft foam padded exterior. The Pocket is designed to carry booklets, books, harp accessories, detachable legs and some more. Bags are intentionally made durable to cope with the busy use and transport of the instrument in its lifetime

  • Purple Cordura Carry bag
  • 10 mm foam padding interior
  • 3 mm soft foam padding exterior
  • Zipper front Pocket for harp accessories
  • Adjustable and removable Shoulder straps
  • Hand Straps
  • Carry bag is designed to provide years of protection and service

Soundboard Decoration:

This is optional feature available on the harp’s soundboard, which is usually the same colour as the Harp. Some customers demand a Contrast Colour like black colour harp and golden decoration on the soundboard. It is possible. Custom colour charges may apply.

RANGE F6 to F4
WOOD Ashwood
CARRY BAG Deluxe Carry Bag
SOUNDBOARD Spruce wood, beech veneer laminated
FINISH Natural, Black, Green, White, Blue, Walnut Stained & Custom

15 String Lever Harp Biblical Harp

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