27 String Lever Harp

Aster 27

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Range: A6 to C3 (a""" c). Extreme Width: 65 cm. Extreme Height: 101 cm. Weight: 9 Kg. Wood: Available in Beech Wood. Strings Type: Nylon Monofilament (1-22), Nylon core nylon wrap (23-27). Sharpening Levers: Flip up accurate and adjustable brass Levers with color coding (red for C and blue for F) as standard. Available Finishes: Natural and Mahogany

Carry Bag: Black Cordura Carry bag, 10 mm foam padding interior Zipper front Pocket for harp accessories,Adjustable and removable Shoulder straps, Hand Straps, Carry bag is designed to provide years of protection and service

  • Innovative design, suitable for beginners
  • Stable tuning, rich and resonance sound
  • Shipping to Europe less then 90 EURO
  • Detachables Legs
  • Soundboard Decoration
  • Finish: Natual, Mahogany, Green, or any color choice

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