27 String Lever Harp

27 String Lever Harp

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27 String Lever Harp

The Aster 27 is the larger brother of the Aster 22, with a nylon strung, fully levered semi-tone note range of A6 to C3 it gives the harpist a larger compass with which to explore the music of the harp, classically styled and with a choice of natural Beech, Ash or colored finishes with decoration to suit the harpists taste, it comes complete with removable legs and a robust padded travel bag and is a wonderful instrument that will enchant friends and strangers alike.

Range: A6 to C3 (a""" c). Extreme Width: 65 cm. Extreme Height: 101 cm. Weight:Β 8 Kg. Wood: Available in Beech Wood. Strings Type: Nylon Mono filament (1-22), Nylon core nylon wrap (23-27). Sharpening Levers: Flip up accurate and adjustable brass Levers with color coding (red for C and blue for F) as standard. Available Finishes: Natural and Mahogany

Carry Bag: Black Cordura Carry bag, 10 mm foam padding interior Zipper front Pocket for harp accessories,Adjustable and removable Shoulder straps, Hand Straps, Carry bag is designed to provide years of protection and service

  • Innovative design, suitable for beginners
  • Stable tuning, rich and resonance sound
  • Shipping to Europe less then 90 EURO
  • Detachable Legs
  • Soundboard Decoration
  • Finish: Natural, Mahogany, Green, or any color choice
  • 27 String Lever Harp

    Specifications 27 string lever harp

    Strings Type:

    • Nylon Mono filament (1-22)
    • Nylon core/nylon wrap (23-27)

    Sharping Levers:

    Flip up accurate and adjustable Steel Sharping Levers with color caps (red for C and blue for F) as standard. These levers have good functionality using two points of contact for the lower and mid-range strings. This allows for the best string tonality when engaged. The base is made of steel for strength and rigidity, and the brown plastic handles having colored caps for easy identification. The resting pins on the levers are adjustable for regulation and to accommodate different string sizes and harp designs. Excellent levers at a very competitive price. This is an amazing development of Instruments to the Harp World.

    Available Finishes:

    Natural, Black, Green, White and Blue. These are standard colors at standard price. We shall be happy to make custom colors on your demand. Custom color charges may apply. Whatever color you desire is possible.

    Carry Bags:

    The Deluxe Carry bags are made from high quality Cordura. With 10 mm hard foam padding interior and 3 mm soft foam padded exterior. The Pocket is designed to carry booklets, books, harp accessories, detachable legs and some more. Bags are intentionally made durable to cope with the busy use and transport of the instrument in its lifetime.

    • Purple Cordura Carry bag
    • 10 mm foam padding interior
    • 3 mm soft foam padding exterior
    • Zipper front Pocket for harp accessories
    • Adjustable and removable Shoulder straps
    • Hand Straps
    • Carry bag is designed to provide years of protection and service

    Soundboard Decoration:

    This is an optional feature available on the harp’s soundboard, which is usually the same colour as the Harp. Some customers demand a Contrast Colour like a black colour harp and golden decoration on the sound board. It is possible, but custom colour charges may apply.

    Detachable Legs:

    A Detachable Legs set is also optional on the 27 strings lever harp. It raises the Harp about 25 cm from the ground which helps some users to play easily while sitting on a chair. The legs are fully detachable with feet. The Carry bag has a special place for each leg to keep them safely inside the pocket.

    RANGE A6 to C3 (a”’– c)
    WEIGHT 7.9 KG
    WOOD Ashwood
    CARRY BAG Deluxe Carry Bag
    STRINGS TYPE Nylon, nylon core / nylon wrap
    EXTREME WIDTH 57.3 cm
    EXTREME HEIGHT 108.5 cm
    STYLE Rounded Style Curve
    FINISH Natural, Black, Green, White, Blue, Walnut Stained & Custom