4 Children'S Night Light Set


Wonderfully designed 4 Set Children's Night Light Set. Each one made of quality stained glass. Primary and pastel colors for these aleph bet night light with the beginning letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Any child would rejoice is seeing this night light glow in their room. Each piece of stained glass is hand cut, wrapped in metal, and soldered. The hebrew letters are adhered after the blocks are soldered to the base of the night light. The bulb is included< p> The moon and stars on the lila tov night lights will glow as the night light shines all night in your child's room. This is the perfect gift for a new baby or any child who might have a slight fear of the dark. The stained glass colors of pink or blue make this an appropriate gift for a boy or girl. The translation of the hebrew, lila tov, is good night
Well packaged and delivered.

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