500H-TN2 Tallis/Tefillin Bags

Colorblock 500H-TN2

$305.00 $233.95 SAVE $71.05

Size: Tefillin

Double Teffilin
Large Tallis
XL Tallis
Large Set
Double Set
XL Set

Embroidery Color: Cream & Copper

Cream & Copper
Cream & Copper

Leather Color: Dark Tan Distressed - Saddle Braid - Cream

Dark Tan Distressed - Saddle Braid - Cream
Dark Tan Distressed - Saddle Braid - Cream
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Colorblock 500H-TN2

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A masterpiece above all the rest. Authentic Leather or Animal Fur lined with quality zipper and embroidery. The fur material comes from a natural cow and therefore, naturally, the span of shades may vary.

Optionally personalize the bag embroidered with your name. Specify with the personalize option below and write in the name in the Personalize box. If you choose to do Hebrew Embroidery, You can layout the text in English, We will translate it to Hebrew for you, and will confirm spelling after order is placed.

    Additional custom changes available (additional fee may apply).

    - Changing the color of the embroidery
    - Adding Leather Handles or shoulder strap
    - Changing the font or color of the words
    - Removing words Matza, Tallis or Tefillin etc.. 
    - Changing size to make it smaller or bigger

    Email us for a quote to add a design, logo or monogram.

    Colorblock 500H-TN2

    Additional Information

    Tefillin, BMX, Double Teffilin, Large Tallis, XL Tallis, Large Set, Double Set, XL Set

    Embroidery Color

    Cream & Copper

    Leather Color

    Dark Tan Distressed - Saddle Braid - Cream