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Aderba - Jewish Traditional Prayer


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Beautiful interpretation to Aderaba. Adraba means even more than that! Rabbi Elimelch of Lizhensk (1717-1786) one of the great Hassidic Rebbes of the past wrote this meaningful prayer of understanding that is illustrated in an impressive way. Place in our hearts the ability to see the good in everyone and to overlook their failings. Allow us to speak to each other in a way that is honest and humble before you. Please prevent hatred of our fellow man from stealing into our hearts. Amen. The design of this artistic text inspired by ancient Judaic scripts. It feels that Jewish manuscripts Judaic artwork gives the Aderba text a shape, color and form of beauty. Just as music gives life to the passages by adhering to the tune and melody, so does Jewish art give symbolic appearance and expression to the text, and the passage is imbued with new life. The artwork is framed in a lightweight laser-cut aluminum frame that adds beauty to the wisdom of the text. Please choose Express option at chec

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