Auto Nikud Platinum Hebrew Word Processor


The Ultimate Hebrew Word Processing Utility Ages: 12-Adult Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95 and higher Imagine the ease of adding Nikud (VOWELS) to Hebrew text. With this stand alone program you simply open your file from any of the popular Hebrew word processors and paste into Auto Nikud. The program will AUTOMATICALLY do the work by adding vowels to the text for you. Whenever it comes across a question of how to MENAKAID it stops and offers you a choice. This amazing program will certainly save lots of man hours at the keyboard and will dramatically increase the accuracy of your texts. This is a life saver, a must have program! FeaturesEasy windows interface... Smooth opening of files... Easy transfer of texts... Saves hours of manual labor... Follows laws of dikduk... Includes General Hebrew Dictionary... OVER 200,000 Nikud word Dictionary! New version includes 5 "Focus Dictionaries" Modern Hebrew - Bible - Mishna & Rambam - Aramaic & Talmudic & Yiddish. These dictio

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