Blackwood Bagpipes With Full Metal Fittings


Beautiful Black Wood Bagpipes. The Blackwood Bagpipe with full metal fittings for professional pipers. Our unique boring technique produces highly polished and very consistent bores with guaranteed straightness. As 90% of Tune is depend on bores To give great steady tonal quality, Synthetic Balance Tone Drone Reeds are included. That gives ability to achieve ultimate sound form drones. The reeds are played and respected by thousands of highland pipers worldwide. The Bagpipes comes full assembled at an unbeatable affordable price.

  • Wood: Blackwood Combed and Beaded Finish Smooth and Polish Inside bores
  • Reeds: Balance Tone Drone Reeds (Scotland made) Cane Chanter Reeds, 2 pieces included,
  • Mounts: Plain Alloy Mounts, Looks like Silver
  • Ferrules: Plain Alloy Ferrules 3 Caps, 9 Ferrules, 4 Slides, 1 mouth piece
  • Stocks: Stocks are made from black Acetyl. So no worry of crack appearing by humidity
  • Cord: Silver

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