Chabad Tallis. 100% Lambs Wool. Silk Lining Chabad Lubavitch Tallis


Chabad Tallis Hameshubach 100% Wool with weave design. Silk Lining & corners included. Innovative non slip features the combination of a new, finely woven textured fabric, and a narrower cut as well as being ultra-light, and incorporating all the Chabad hidurim. kesher shel kayama (permanent knot), matching sidebands, premium quality, ultra white, lighter weight fabric, stain protection, and non-slip & no fray Tzitzis.

The Chabad Tzitzis features an amazingly lightweight new wool fabric and the signature benefits of every pair of Tzitzis doubly reinforced neck for extra comfort and durability, machine washable, no-knotting Tzitzis strings certified kosher by Rav Vosner Shlita.

Choose your own Tying Options in the box given. Ashkenaz or Sfard, Thick or Thin, Rambam or Ravad tye and even Techelet.

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