Sefer Torah Scroll With Navy Velvet Mantle On Torah Scroll


Children's Sefer Torah. Navy velvet, Silver look Yad & Atzei Chaim.

Torah Scroll including Yad Torah Pointer and Protective Plastic. Cover design may vary. Actual Text of all the books of the Chumash (Bible) in genuine Torah Text !

Personalized Dedication up to 20 letters is available below with very high quality embroidery in matching thread, making this a unique and meaningful gift. Available shipping only in North America. Sizes include handles as follows;

  • Medium 16"- Has Aleph Bet, Parshas Beraishit and Parshas Zot Habracha.
  • Large 18" (Full Sefer Torah no Dots). The Text Parchment is like a real sefer Torah.
  • Both include Yad Pointer & Protective Plastic

  • Case price available upon request.

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