City Of Peace Lithograph Serigraph

City Of Peace Lithograph


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Size 26 X 19". This composition depicts the unity and harmony of life during the ultimate time of peace. There are two large English shaloms contained within the lower wall of the city and in the walkway just beneath. Many items of judaica help compose the city. Besides these, the Priestly Blessing, "The Lord bless you and keep you.... and give you peace," may be found written in Hebrew and English calligraphy across the top of the design. May we and all our loved ones come to enjoy and share in this time of joy, harmony and wholeness!
Limited Edition, Artist Numbered and Signed. A large English shalom is hidden in the buildings of the city. A second shalom may be found in the walkway beneath the first one.
< a> "Jerusalem, City of Peaceƒ?? original hand pulled serigraph consists of 12 individual hand pulled screens. It is printed on 100% rag, acid free Stonehenge paper.
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